Your Mission: Infiltrate a TOP SECRET 3-Day Boot Camp for Serious New and Seasoned Real Estate Investors Only Operation …

Your Target: Seize heavy Real Estate Investing artillery FAST (a.k.a. explosive R.E.I. business growth strategies) and discover …

Whether you're new to the real estate business or an seasoned investor, THIS BOOT CAMP IS FOR YOU. This boot camp will provide you with everything you need to become a "House-Flipping Soldier" F-A-S-T. You'll leave with advanced real estate skills that will help you succeed in the real estate industry. You'll also discover the minor hinges needed to get the BIG doors opened up for you so those Big profits can come on in.

Here are some reasons you NEED this real estate boot camp training:

If you're like others hoping to become a successful House-Flipping Soldier, you know just how valuable unique strategies are to the industry. You need to know how to plan and execute the techniques used by real estate investor gurus all over the world. We will teach you those powerful strategies you've heard about over the years. Our goal is to help you achieve tremendous success in your real estate investing endeavors. Let's address some of the questions you probably have right now:

  • How can I consume all of the valuable information I need? We will provide you with everything you need, including "the recording from a past FREEDOM & WEALTH REAL ESTATE INVESTING BOOT CAMP," access to a “LIVE” 3-Days of training, and with-person training with Five-Star "R.E.I. Success Maker Generals."
  • Can't I just learn house-flipping techniques on my own? Of course you can. However, real estate investing is a process that requires expert knowledge in order to avoid costly mistakes. Beginners learn to become experts after a long period of trial and error. Our training will help you uncover the secrets to success without having to learn through mistakes.
  • How successful can I become in this business? As successful as you'd like to be! If you're just interested in flipping houses and local government foreclosures as a side job to supplement your income, we'll teach you how. If you plan to make flipping houses the key to your real estate success, this boot camp will walk you through the process step-by-step.

Meet Your Five-Star Generals

Marcel Umphery

Marcel Umphery has many monikers, from the R.E.I. Success Maker to the One That Makes Things Happen. Mr. Umphery has been showing real estate entrepreneurs and beginner investors how to IMPLEMENT his secrets and methods. He has created a method for teaching others how house-flipping is as easy as 1-2-3. Since 2002, he has sold and controlled more than 20 million dollars in real estate transactions. Mr. Umphery was recently featured in Black Enterprise Magazine and is a recipient of the prestigious Harlow Fullwood Award for his achievement in business and extensive work in his community. Since 2007 Marcel has guided many of his clients to financial freedom by helping them grow and sustain profitable real estate investment companies in their respected marketplace.

Rick Pendykoski

Rick Pendykoski has been investing in real estate since 1972. Scared to death at the age of 28, Rick purchased a 12 unit apartment building and later acquired his first franchise. Due to his efforts and hard work, he surpassed the pro forma of $900,000 per year within months, even though the franchise was new. Even though Rick was associated with a multi million dollar businesses, he harbored the dream and passion of becoming a licensed trusted advisor. Finally, in the year 1998, he acted upon his passion and became a full time licensed trusted advisor. He helps his clients to enter the domain of true self directed accounts and alternative investments along with different traditional investment options. His clients appreciate his company for giving them opportunities of investing in precious metals, real estate, loaning money, private placements, and tax liens. With 30 years of experience behind him in this field of investment, Rick is able to advise different people about their retirement investments, which enable them to take control of their retirement funds in an appropriate manner. His pride is Self Directed Retirement Plans LLC that has continued its trend of giving helpful and valuable advice about different investment opportunities that most CPAs and advisors won’t give.

Mike Jones

Mike Jones is a Master Negotiator and an Internet marketing expert. He takes pride in helping real estate investors close more deals, both online and offline, by using his unique techniques. After partnering with Mr. Umphery in 2005, his life changed in less than 90 days. Mr. Jones became serious about mastering the art of negotiations and implementing effective and trackable online and offline marketing campaigns for cash buyers and motivated sellers. As you'll hear when he tells his story at our boot camp, Mr. Jones soon walked away from his six-figure, nine-to-five job, never to look back.

Dolmar Cross

Dolmar Cross is the Founder & CEO of 3Day Cash Buyers, LLC Dolmar Cross is the Founder & CEO of 3Day Cash Buyers, LLC. In 2005, he started his real estate career working as VP for one of the fastest growing investment companies in Tampa, FL. Mr. Cross was involved in hundreds of transactions and responsible for acquiring and reselling millions of dollars in distressed assets in promising neighborhoods to investors looking for under-valued properties.

Mr. Cross recognized that due to bank failures and millions in foreclosures filings in 2009, now is an ideal time to formulate a business model to harvest the opportunities delivered by this economic climate. Our clients depend on us to provide them with properties that offer value and steady returns. This business model facilitates tremendous earning and saving opportunities for the investor at the point of resale.

Mr. Cross graduated with a Bachelor Degree in 2006 from the University of South Florida. He currently resides in Ft. Myers, Florida with his beautiful wife Keisha, eleven-year-old son, Cameron, and their three year old daughter, Kyra.


That's why we have made it our mission to provide you with proven resources, strategies, and advice to give you the know-how you need to invest effectively for MAXIMUM GROWTH & PROFIT. After all, your whole purpose for becoming a House-Flipping Soldier is to make money as a real estate investor.

This is what your house-flipping business should be all about:

  • Becoming the dominant real estate investor in your community.
  • Outbidding your competitors to buy lucrative properties to flip.
  • Putting a solid iron cage around your buyers to get your properties sold FAST.

That's why we're inviting you to attend our FREEDOM & WEALTH REAL ESTATE INVESTING BOOT CAMP. We want to arm you with the weapons of a true House-Flipping Soldier so you can easily and quickly make money as a house-flipping real estate investor.

You're going into battle, and your mission is to SEIZE HEAVY R.E.I. ARTILLERY, a.k.a. explosive real estate investing growth strategies.

During our amazing two-day FREEDOM & WEALTH REAL ESTATE INVESTING BOOT CAMP, you'll spend TWO PRODUCTIVE DAYS live and in-person with the highly decorated Five-Star Generals of the Real Estate Investors Inner Circle.

  • Learn house-flipping tips from the Five-Star Generals of R.E.I. Inner Circle, who are determined to drill and mold you into an elite Special Forces House-Flipping Soldier armed and prepared to WIN ANY real estate investing battle with ease.
  • Learn how to build a Real Cash Buyers List for your wholesaling business so your deals will get funded and sold each and every month.
  • Learn the Five Profit Centers that will help you to DOUBLE or TRIPLE your income in your real estate investing business.
  • Get the keys to INTERNET MARKETING. Learn how to drive MASSIVE amounts of Qualified Traffic to YOUR web site(s) and find out how to immediately determine if they are a motivated seller, cash buyer, or bird dog.
  • Discover How To Purchase Local Government Foreclosures For Pennies on the Dollar, Help People and Profit Without Ownership, Taking Absolutely NO-Risk.
  • Get the keys to INTERNET MARKETING. Learn how to drive MASSIVE amounts of Qualified Traffic to YOUR web site(s) and find out how to immediately determine if they are a motivated seller, cash buyer, or bird dog.
  • Get the secrets for BUILDING SQUEEZE PAGES, BLOGS, AND WEBSITES that absolutely capture buyer and seller leads; TRIPLE your email list; and learn secrets for productive, PROFITABLE email marketing NOW.
  • Learn how to get started locating and flipping houses for quick cash while working from the comfort of your home in your spare time. The single most valuable thing you'll spend time on is growing your business each and every year.
  • Learn how to CHOOSE THE RIGHT NICHE for your real estate investing business so you can focus with laser-like precision, cut the clutter down to zero, and get MAXIMUM results from a real estate investing method you actually enjoy.
  • Learn the fundamentals of structuring a DEAL and controlling it from start to finish. You'll find out how to ensure that all of your deals reach the closing table with no headaches.
  • Discover the HIDDEN GOLDMINE right under your nose in your market. There's a fortune to be made with just this bit of information alone.
  • Get access to direct mail secrets that will generate leads that will turn into sales that deposit check after check into your bank accounts consistently each month. We will share the exact mail pieces that we are using in our business today.
  • Access "THE SECRET SAUCE." In order to reach success and build a profitable and sustainable business in 2015, you have to know the Secret Sauce Formula: Targeted Marketing = Qualified Leads = Great Deals = Guaranteed Profits.
  • Learn how to launch effective marketing campaigns and have them run with or without you. Learn our tested and proven marketing methods to find more motivated sellers and buyers. This is what keeps 97% of most new and seasoned investors from reaching success: they never find this piece of the puzzle.

The day your mission begins, you'll enjoy having the opportunity to network with other FREEDOM & WEALTH REAL ESTATE INVESTING BOOT CAMP trainees at registration/continental breakfast. Here, you can meet new fellow investors and network with them to build lifelong relationships that will continue to benefit your house-flipping business for many years.


Boot Camp Bonus #1: Access to FREEDOM & WEALTH REAL ESTATE INVESTING BOOT CAMP Past Recordings (a $1497.00 VALUE). Experience the training that past real estate cadets endured and used to succeed. It's contains hours of actionable content and step-by-step instructions and examples that you can plug right into your R.E.I. business IMMEDIATELY. It includes all the tips you need to get you up and running and making a PROFIT from our methods of RISK-FREE investing in a hurry.

Boot Camp Bonus #2: Networking Registration/Continental breakfast on October 16, 2015. This is the place for you to network and form lifelong relationships that will benefit your business for years to come.

Don't miss your chance at a unique, in-person training session with Five-Star R.E.I. Success Maker Generals. CLICK the registration form and fill out all of your information. Once you register, you'll be notified of the hotel in Baltimore, but hurry because seating is limited by the Department of Defense. Don't miss your chance at a unique, in-person training with Five-Star "Flip This House" R.E.I. Generals.

If you're really serious about making money as a house-flipper, YOU NEED THIS BOOT CAMP.

However, you must act fast because seating is limited at our FREEDOM & WEALTH REAL ESTATE INVESTING BOOT CAMP. Don't miss out on this lucrative opportunity to receive in-person training with Five-Star R.E.I. Success Maker Generals.

Are you ready to take the first step of the biggest money-making decision you'll ever make in your life? Click here to accept your first mission as a House-Flipping Soldier in the real estate investment battle.

Boot Camp VIP’s: We roll out the Red Carpet for our V.I.P.’s gain access to front row seating, the Wholesale & Grow Rich Home Study System, Lifetime Access to the Wholesale & Grow Rich Online Academy, One-On-One Consultation with Mr. Umphery’s team and Private V.I.P. Dinner with Marcel Umphery and his team.

If you're Still on the Fence, Read these Comments and Join the Growing Army of House Flipping Soldiers who attended my events before and Transformed Their Real Estate Businesses Lives...

This was the first time I have ever felt like I could do this. After attending Marcel's Boot Camp it really inspired me to take action. It also made me understand a lot of the terminology that I was already familiar with. I was able to get all of my questions answered.

Berry Goodman
Baltimore, Maryland

During the training I picked up a lot of resources and actionable content. Right down to the online resources to pull comps, find realtors, voicemail, contractors and financing. This is my 2nd training with Marcel and I learn something new that I can implement in my business right away and realize a return. It was well worth it. Outstanding Job Marcel!

David Paige
Towson. MD

I just want to say that I finally understand the ARV what it means and how to come up with it. I had been struggling for sometime now with the online resources that give you outdated and incorrect information. By attending the training I'm now confident in coming up with the ARV and I also discovered how to use and implement the A.I.P.

Gayle Kelston
Tampa Bay, Florida

After attending the 2 Day Boot Camp I am really motivated to get started. You all made the trainings crystal clear and easy to understand. I left and still very motivated and eager to get started. Thank you for leading me into the right direction and most importantly taking action.

Regina Smith
Tampa Bay, Florida

The commitment, passion, energy and knowledge that I felt during the trainings was AWESOME. I really enjoyed the trainings. Thanks so much. Can't wait to use and Implement the A.I.P.

Mike Mobley
Scottsdale, Arizona

Marcel shared a ton of New-Age marketing tactics that are working right now. He's not only teaching them he implements them in his business. He's been investing in real estate for sometime now and teaching others how to do the same. You can just see the results through all of his success stories.

Dan Swartz
Baltimore, MD

Marcel is AWESOME he shared a lot of great information on how to generate leads online using twitter and facebook and other online platforms. From driving traffic and bringing in buyer and seller leads for your real estate investing business. I'm leaving inspired and a better investor because of it.

Josh Savage
Edgewood, Maryland

I've been in Real Estate for over 30 years as a licensed broker and Auctioneer. The training that was given blew me away. Like I said before I've been involved in the Real Estate Industry for over 30 years and I picked up marketing tactics and strategies that I wish I had when I first started. I would recommend this training to anyone serious about growing their business.

Don Miller
Timmonium, Maryland

What I've learned in two days is more than I learned in two years! I've attended seminar after seminar only to be left confused, frustrated and unmotivated after leaving. I felt really frustrated because it always felt like I was getting the short end of the stick after paying thousands for other boot camps not including travel I feel like I wasted 2 years of my life. So decided to attend the FREEDOM & WEALTH REAL ESTATE INVESTING BOOT CAMP and what I had been seeking during the last two years I got in just 2 days.

Lisa Ford
FortLee, New Jersey

Dedicated to helping you achieve success as a House-Flipping Soldier F-A-S-T,

Marcel Umphery